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IMPRBooks Brokering Program

Why use to sell your books online?
In the publishing industry, books usually have to reach critical mass before making it into major wholesale channels. The IMPRBooks Brokering Program was designed to change the rules and level the playing field by ensuring that all titles get equal exposure throughout It allows almost anyone to do business with and put their products on our virtual shelves. As an independent author or small publisher, the IMPRBooks Brokering Program allows you to have a direct and profitable relationship with, putting your books in front of thousands of qualified customers.

  • It's Powerful
    Customers don't like to wait--it's that simple. When you participate in Brokering, your books are in stock and ready to go almost immediately.

  • It's Simple
    All we need from you is a photo, description, an ISBN or EAN number, and we do the rest. We stock a small quantity of each product in our distribution center. Your titles are listed with immediate availability on When your inventory starts to sell, we'll send you an e-mail letting you know that you need to send more. IMPRBooks Brokering pays you automatically at the end of every month following the month of sale. IMPRBooks will also email monthly sales and inventory reports. All that and no hassle, invoice-free payments.

  • It's Easy to Join
    All you need to enroll in IMPRBOOKS Brokering is North American distribution rights for your books, and barcodes with the ISBN or EAN on the back cover. IMPRBOOKS Brokering is nonexclusive and only $50.00 per book plus a 30% commission on the sale of your items, which is 25% below what our competitors charge. Submission fees are waived after the tenth book. This means YOU KEEP more money. Special programs are available for Publishers. Please call us for more information.
How do you increase your sales on Simple: make it faster and easier for customers to find, discover, and buy your titles. Because is not limited by shelf space, we are able to give just as much visibility to independent authors and small publishing companies as we do to best-sellers from the major publishers and distributors, so we can carry a wider selection than traditional brick & mortar retailers. This is what IMPRBooks Brokering is all about: hundreds of publishers and authors--from large established publishing houses to first-time authors--selling hundreds of book titles on using the IMPRBooks Brokering program.
Put simply, joining the IMPRBooks Brokering program can help you sell more books by improving your title's availability and exposure on

Personalization offers personalization to our customers through individual Customer Accounts, Tell a Friend, Cross-Selling features and Wish Lists.

Connecting Unique Books with Unique Customers is always looking at ways to better serve our customers, and to provide them with new ways to discover products they would not have necessarily found otherwise. has two basic types of book customers: people who already know what they want, and people who are browsing our site to discover something new and interesting to read. The people who know what they want simply type the name of the book into our search engine to quickly find and buy it. People who are browsing tend to look at our category pages, or our featured books.

For more information you can e-mail us by using our online contact form or by calling 602-385-6469 Ext 2.

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